Monday, December 15, 2014

Big Old Mixed-Up Pink Creamsickle ...

On very rare occasions I decide I want to go for demure.   And last Sunday I had a yen to wear my cream and pink sweater that doesn't get to get out and about often.  

There's a reason (or three) I don't wear this little sweater that often, and when I do feel demure, I don't feel that way long.  I thought about wearing some girly pumps, but after a couple of tries decided on my slightly military-looking black chap boots instead.

That's better.

But the best part of this mixed feminine-masculine outfit is that it works with my mixed metal rose-gold and silver watch. 
It's by Rotary, and one of my collection of automatic skeleton watches. I don't often bother to show the details, but I wear them all the time and this one is especially pretty. 

Hard to get the rose gold just the right color here, but you get the idea.  I love to see the workings move when I check the time.

I wear it with this little rose gold and silver ring with wee-tiny pavé diamonds.  I wore my original engagement ring out long ago and just have never had the stones reset.  So I often wear some other delicate little ring in it's place. This one is a favorite.  It's a better photo to show the color of the rose gold of the watch, too.

Feminine-masculine is an old style option, but the rose gold-silver combination feels fresh and interesting to me.  Even though the outfit is not that big a whoop, the accessories are what made it fun to wear.


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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Back to Our Usual Weather and Not Quite Marsala

That warm spell didn't last long!  We now return you to our regular programming.  Cold, with high humidity, lots of sun and and just enough rain. This was WIW on Sunday for our trip to the Big City.  Lots of happy closet shopping here, but you haven't seen the boots, bag or sweater before.  

I feel kind of dashing in these booties and leggings, and the coat-as-cape adds to that. This old wool coat you saw a long time ago, I think.  I spruced it up for this winter by removing the collar to change it up, and I'm happy I did. The bag is more interesting than it looks here ... it has a stitched and quilted pattern for texture on the cream colored wings. A good size for shopping.

I'm being more than a little careful about the red shades I'm wearing since the recent Great Haircolor Adventure is still in process.  Still love the cut though, and that's a happy place for me.

When we made the photos, I didn't realize that the Pantone Color of the Year for 2015 had just been announced ... Marsala (the color inspired by the fortified Sicilian wine, not to be confused with Masala, any of the various blends of spices used in Indian cookery ... yummy though they both sound..) Pantone makes a completely unabashed marketing tool of this annual event, lest anyone mistake it for anything more official than it is. The color is described in a variety of ways, and there's the usual amount of love-hate stuff from the design and fashion press, but here's a color sample so you can decide for yourself.

I haven't been wild about the last few year's choices, but I like this one.  For me, it's nice because I may see more of a color that I like out and about, and that's fun.  But that's all it is.  Nice and fun.

None of what I'm wearing is exactly Marsala, but all three pieces are cuddling up next to it pretty close. A complete, timely, handy and happy coinkydink, I thought.  Good thing, too, 'cause all I had was a cold weather outfit post.  Saved by Pantone.

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Wonky Weather and a Hair Adventure Update

It was 78 degrees (25-ish C) here on Sunday when this photo was made.  Not a Sunday in the late summery weather of last September, but on this last Sunday, November 30. Yesterday. The high today was 35 degrees (1.6 C).  We had the AC on in our car on the way to town on Sunday, but heat blasting on the way in to work this morning.  
Disconcerting and sort of time-warpy, but pleasant.
The unseasonable warmth did give me a chance to go lazy and all easy-peasy and wear my one and only graphic T ... my Audrey Hepburn shirt ... my favorite blazer and a newish red messenger bag.

I found the silky little Audrey shirt on sale at Target, (in my size, which rarely happens) and if it was not true love at first sight, it was an infatuation that turned into shirt-love after I slipped it on.  And how can one not love an image of Audrey? (The red cursive is supposed to be her signature.)  Besides the bag, the rest was a matter of closet shopping some of my favorite dress-up-dress-down coated jeans, shoes and the rest.  Guilt free and fun to wear on a lazy Sunday.

Below is a better view of the bag.  It was a rare pleasure for me to find it on clearance, after I'd zeroed in on it the first time I'd seen it a few weeks ago, but put it right back on the rack after I looked at the original price. 

 This never happens to me.  So, I'm pleased.  I'd wanted a red bag to sharpen up a lot of darks I'm drawn to this winter, and this functions just fine.  Lots of fun compartments, and the drop is a dandy length to sling over the shoulder with a jacket or coat.


Hair-Color Debacle Drama Update: As predicted, super-stylist Kay did get a massive laugh at my adventure in bright hair color. A great cut helped a lot.  It's simmered down with washing and a couple of applications of a warm-red color refreshing glaze.  Neat!  It's still bright, but I don't mind it so much.  And the consistent acquisition of my personal color is no longer an issue.  Excellent. I'm no longer unhappy and that is my preferred emotional state, if I get to choose!


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Monday, November 24, 2014

Just a Little Heads-Up for Kay ...

You know how it is when the store where you buy your specific hair color is completely out of it? And you run around looking for your color at your backup source-stores, but it's nowhere to be found? And you know you could get it on line but it would be a minimum of two days to get it and you've already let your roots grow too long and you're looking pitiful, necessitating some remedial action right NOW?

And I know you know how it is when you've had a lovely glass of wine with dinner, and you and your husband have been talking about how, now that you're getting older, that you shouldn't stop taking risks or get into to too many life-ruts. Been there, right? So, you know how it is when you're getting tired of dinking around, looking for this one item and you decide to try another brand, thinking to yourself "how different could the same shade be?" And, as you grab a Light Auburn you know how you forget that your usual L'Oreal Preference brand tends to be more of a natural looking blend than the more fashion-forward intensity of L'Oreal Feria colors? Which you pick up in the Feria Power Red brand, 'cause you're now feeling a little adventurous?

So then, you know when you mix the color and your eyes bug out of your head at how much the mixed up color looks like very bright, cherry-red Jello ? And you know how, because you are 40 miles from another package of hair color, you slap the garish pink stuff on your head when you absolutely know better?

I hate it when that happens.

On the box, the color calls itself Rich Auburn True Red and adds the more jazzy Ruby Rush (yikes!) to the name, just for fun. Rush indeed. I should have believed them when they labeled it as part of their Power Reds collection. Anybody who has colored their own hair for awhile knows that these names are subjective at best and slapdash approximations at worst. It could have just as easily been called OMG Red! or WTF Auburn! or, to my eye, most accurately Freaking Hot Pomegranate Pink!

I cannot blame L'Oreal because I was warned.

I'm living with it until it fades, because, in truth, it's almost wearable. In natural or incandescent light, I could describe it as substantially and boldly brighter and edgier than my usual shade. However, under florescent bulbs, it still looks closer to a so-not-flattering dark hot-pink-on-the-purple side. (It's pinker than the photo shows. By quite a lot.)

I don't completely hate it, and it's not the most outrageous thing I've ever done to my hair. But the worst is knowing that when I go to get my hair cut this Wednesday, my always wise and kind and patient and adorable stylist, Kay, will fall down and bust a gut laughing at me. I just know she will. It just seems decent to give her a little warning. Hope I don't cause her a serious injury just before Thanksgiving.

Here I am with the loud hair, trying to distract you with how I've winterized an early fall look you saw HERE . A wide-collared faux leather jacket, a pair of sling-back booties, and my newish Olivia and Joy cobalt blue and black satchel (which I got on scandalously deep reduction at TJ Maxx ... they never disappoint) make for a more wintry interpretation of the basic sweater and ankle trousers. I'm pleased with this look.
And, of course, I don't hate it when that happens.


Happy Thanksgiving to all here in the US, and have a lovely week wherever in the wide world this post finds you ... I'm thankful for every single one of you! (And especially for Kay and Salon Adorn!)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Ned Stark ; a tragic character but he was right about Winter ...

... 'cause here it is.

It may not be winter officially for a month yet, but it is a pretty good imitation of it. Our heating system chose this time to go on it's annual, season-opening fritz for a couple weeks, but all is repaired and cozy.  We are reveling in the warmth. Feels like a vacation. North of us the cold is deeper, but it was in the high 20s and low 30s on Sunday when we dressed to make our trip to the Big City.  

Cold weather is coat weather. That's one of my favorite things about the season.  This little, heavy knit coat is perfect for my trips to town as it's light weight and cozy at the same time.  These trips involve lots of time in a warm car or in a warm store with quick arctic-esque dashes between car and door. This is one I can comfortably keep on while I'm stomping around in the store.

My teeth gritting grin says it all ... "take the picture ... take the picture ... hurry up ... I AM smiling, so just take the damn picture!"

This is my first winter with the short crop, and scarves are taking on a new importance. I liked the almost reverse image of the coat's print this scarf added, and did a lot to keep my neck warm! This photo not only shows the patterns working together but how chilly and windy it was.  A  freezing gust poufed up the right side of my scarf, making it look like less of a gracefully draped scarf than an upholstered toilet seat cover.  Just take my word for it, please. It looked much better when the wind died down. 

Not taking on any topics tougher than winter coats today.  Hope you are all staying warm and enjoying this most invigorating season!


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